English e-book published!

Hi all,

after a longer time and effort of translation, my book is now available in English: „Blockchain for B2B Integration„. You may order it as an e-book at Amazon. Just search for „Merz“ and „Blockchain“ on your marketplace or click in the link above. Or wait another couple of days until the paperback edition is available.

The book covers

  • various blockchain technologies in the first half,
  • a „scenario 2030“ for the energy transition,
  • an elevator ride towards the highs and lows of blockchain governance
  • presentes several use cases with a focus on energy trading,
  • and finishes with the WRMHL framework – PONTON’s product for decentralised co-ordination of B2B processes.

The feedback I liked most so far was that my blockchain-agnostic position can be found on each page and that this helps a lot to asses what we can expect from the technology – and what not…

You can order the e-book for kindle readers at the following Amazon marketplaces: US, CA, MX, BR, AU, IN, UK, NL, FR, ES, IT, JP.

Have fun reading!