Blockchain B2B Book by Michael Merz (Ponton)

Blockchain for B2B Integration

​Michael's new book is not just another Blockchain Book - it ​complies years of experience with applying blockchain ​for act​ual business processes. As Michael ​is experienced with both the ​technology and ​the application layer, his book ​serves as ​a guideline for all those who are looking for blockchain business cases​.


​Blockchain Introduction

Hype ​or Hope?
How does the technology work? Smart Contracts. Alternative ​blockchain technologies.

Einsatzpotenziale in der Energiewirtschaft

Energy trading and grid operation. Current and future developments. Use of blockchain technology for energy trading.

Organisatorische Herausforderungen

​Use cases for the disruptive effect of blockchain.

Projekte aus der Energiewirtschaft 

Enerchain. NEW 4.0.
Grid​Chain. StromDAO.

Das WRMHL-Framework

​WRMHL. Consortia blockchain. ​Fast block time, low latency.

​An expert provides ​​insights
to using ​blockchain ​technology

​About the ​book

​"Blockchain" is becoming a commonplace in decentralised coordination of B2B processes. However, it is still difficult ​for many participants to understand ​on which processes the technology has a disruptive impact, and how the technology should exactly be applied.

In his book, Michael Merz ​combines various perspectives on the topic: Technological basics and differences between blockchain technologies, business models and applications, and projects which are already advanced in ​bringing the technology into reality. ​

​For experts in industry and academia

The book is useful for innovation managers, IT experts, and individuals who intend to ​reorganise B2B processes.


​About the author

Dr. Michael Merz

Blockchain Expert ​and CO-FOUNDER of Ponton

​Michael Merz has studied computer science and received his PhD from University of Hamburg. He founded PONTON GmbH in the year 2001 and has demonstrated his expertise in various B2B integration projects over the past 15 years in several projects related to energy trading.
He is expert in blockchain technology as PONTON has started developing blockchain-based infrastructures for energy trading (Enerchain) and grid management (Gridchain) since the year 2016. Michael also contributes to research projects in energy trading such as NEW 4.0 and ETIBLOGG and he is author of a book on blockchain in B2B integration.


"It is a lucky situation for all those interested in blockchain, that a blockchain experts like Michael Merz writes a book and shares all his unique experiences and views."

​Prof. Dr. Jens Stücker

Hochschule ​Fresenius

„With his book 'Blockchain for B2B Integration' Michael Merz takes us to an insightful elevator ride through the ​world of blockchain. This leads from the managers' hope for change over day-to-day technical pitfalls to​ his personal, exciting way towards decentralised trading ​in a digitalized energy market."

​Christoph Burger

​European School of Management and Technology, Berlin

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Blockchain im B2B-Einsatz

Title: "Blockchain ​for B2B-​Integration - Technolog​ies, ​Applications ​and Proje​ct​s" (in German)
Author: Michael Merz
​Publisher: MM Publishing
​308 pages
ISBN: 978-3-9820560-​2-​9 (​print​ edition)
ISBN: 978-3-9820560-​3-6 (e-​book)

Pr​ice: ​USD ​19,90 (print), ​USD ​11,​66 (Kindle e-book)

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