English Blockchain Videos


Even before the English edition of my blockchain book appears, there are a few videos available now in the PONTON Blockchain Playlist on YouTube. They cover hot topics, which the book also covers, yet in more detail. Maybe this helps to gain a better understanding of how blockchain technology can be used for B2B integration – and how not?

This presentation gives a quite good overview. It was held at Unchain in Hamburg in Mai 2018. It shows some blockchain use cases and also limitations of the technology.

This one explains why blockchain and „waste of energy through mining“ are two different concepts:

Some vendors claim that their blockchain is fast as light speed, others maintain that the technology is not capable of processing more than 5-10 transactions per second – how does that fit together? This video helps clarify the situation:

Similarly, some say that blockchain is secure and others say that it is a data privacy nightmare. What is true, what is fake news – or is it both at the same time?

It is not easy to find a viable blockchain business case. Often are those, who start searching for it, too much tied to their own organisations. Instead, one should take a helicopter and turn from a line manager into an economist, only then the view from above helps finding solutions. But don’t burn yourself in the heat of the sun up there! If tech details get out of sight one may fall hard. So searching for a blockchain business case is a permanent elevator ride…

Blockchain is known as the carrier of crypto currencies and smart contracts. You may also take a differnt perspective on the topic: it is a third way for B2B integration – next to central platforms and bilateral data exchange. This video shows that blockchain combines the best of both worlds:

Here the elevator ride brings uns down to the basement: Michael explains Tendermint PBFT consensus mechanism and how it is applied within a blockchain application architecture. Something rather for techies :-).

… and from the basement we take the elevator now back to top floor of a typical blockchain B2B application: decentralised trading. The Enerchain infrastructure is one of the few blockchain projects that lead to production use already back in 2017.