English Book Translation on its Way

Dear international readers,

I have been asked if my book is also avaible in English language. The answer is: Not yet, but soon. As the German original edition is becoming avaibale in late January, the English translation is on its way. However, with over 300 pages it takes time to maintain quality and consistency of the language. A few „germanocentric“ topics need to be internationalized as well.

I will make available the PDF version in August 2019 such that it is accessable for interested readers. As with the German version, the PDF format has priority because using EPUB would cripple the formatting – it would loose too much quality. Moreover, the 99 graphics and even tables would need to be transformed into bitmaps, which complicates reading and increases the size of the E-Book to a several 10 MBs.

As soon as available, the PDF can be ordered through PayPal. I’ll keep you in the loop!

Looking forward,